About Coach Lotte

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I believe that every human being on this planet wishes to be the best version of themselves. What is the best version? I understand it as living authentically – living what you want. It is an adventurous and vivacious journey. Its my journey to be a traveling companion for you. Something that is often pulling us away from our path is fear. And we have fear for reasons. We can read FEAR as an acronym for a False Expectations Appearing Real – it contains always some useful information about the expectations that we hold. It is a wonderful indicator for what we hold dear and are therefore afraid of losing. When we meet our fears and the expectations that come with it, they become real. And we can deal with everything that is real. That gives us options and we can decide whether we want to take our fears with us (or them taking us) to the next scenic outpost or whether we can manage being motivated by something else?


Marie-Luise Weigel graduated in Economics and Philosophy at the University of Mannheim. 2011 she discovered her passion for Coaching and since then she assisted other Coaches, participated in Workshops, successfully completed the Coaching training for working as a self-employed Coach since the beginning of 2014.



EMLYON Business School, France, 2015-2017

M.Sc European Master in Management

Ludwig-Maximilian University, Germany, 2015-2017

M.Sc European Master in Management

Area of Specialization: Change & Strategy

Passion for Coaching, Berlin, January – September 2013

ICF accredited Training as a Life- and Business coach

University of Mannheim, 2007-2011

B.A. Philosophy & Economics

University of Connecticut, 2009-2010

Area of Specialization: Political Philosophy and Human Rights